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A composite of portfolios investing in foreign stocks that management believes will provide high yield, reasonable dividend growth and lower volatility in falling equity market environments along with potential participation in rising markets. Eligible portfolios are managed with wide latitude to choose the sectors and securities to fulfill the mandate. Portfolios may invest in less developed or emerging markets that generally entail greater political, economic, market, tax, credit and other risks, and may have greater price volatility than securities issued or traded in developed markets. Within eligible portfolios, securities are selected based on a fundamental assessment of their financial strength, dividend yields, dividend growth rates and performance during periods of market weakness.

Key Facts - Part 1
Benchmark MSCI World ex U.S. High Dividend Yield Index
Key Facts - Part 2
Strategy Inception Date January 1 2008
Global Diversification
Daniel Peris, Ph.D., CFA®
Senior Vice President
Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Strategic Value Dividend Team

joined Federated Hermes
21 years of experience
Deborah Bickerstaff
Senior Vice President
Portfolio Manager

joined Federated Hermes
24 years of experience
Jared Hoff
Vice President
Portfolio Manager

joined Federated Hermes
19 years of experience
Michael Tucker
Senior Vice President
Portfolio Manager

joined Federated Hermes
27 years of experience





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Effective January 31, 2016 the benchmark changed from MSCI EAFE High Dividend Yield Index to MSCI World ex U.S. High Dividend Yield Index.

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