A guide to responsible investing A guide to responsible investing https://stage-fii.federatedinvestors.com/static/images/fhi/fed-hermes-logo-amp.png https://stage-fii.federatedinvestors.com/daf\images\insights\infographic\golden-road-small.jpg June 26 2020 June 26 2020

A guide to responsible investing

The term ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing is used to cover a wide spectrum of goals and strategies.

Published June 26 2020
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Infographic published June 26, 2020. Title: A guide to responsible investing At Federated Hermes, we believe environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration and active ownership through corporate engagement offer the best opportunity to create positive impacts in the wider world and help investors realize better long-term results. Negative screening excludes entire sectors, companies and countries from consideration that fall short of an investor’s ESG criteria, moral/ethical views or religious beliefs. ESG integration weighs ESG factors alongside the rigorous financial analysis key to an active stock-selection process. Positive screening considers companies that have demonstrated positive ESG performance relative to their peers. ESG investment themes reflect particular environmental, social or governance themes such as alternative energy, green agriculture or a sustainable development goal. Impact investing hones in on companies and organizations whose long-term goals and purpose are to solve social or environmental problems. Active ownership involves engaging companies on ESG concerns in order to promote the positive change that can improve their financial performance. Information sources for this graphic included: Federated Hermes, 2020.