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July 15 2019
Equity . Income .
Video Why are dividend stocks attractive now? Deborah Bickerstaff
March 24 2019

Portfolio Manager Deborah Bickerstaff describes where she's finding opportunities for dividends.

July 15 2019
Equity . Income .
Video How to evaluate a dividend stock Deborah Bickerstaff
March 24 2019

What should investors look for when evaluating a dividend stock? Portfolio Manager Deborah Bickerstaff explains

August 26 2019
Equity . Growth .
White Paper The case for small-cap growth remains solid March 12 2019

Why should the long-term investor consider small-cap growth stocks? Diversification and performance.

July 15 2019
Taxes . Income .
Video Tax reform's impact on muni bonds Ann Ferentino
December 18 2018

How did 2018 tax reform impact the municipal bond market? Portfolio Manager Ann Ferentino explains.

July 15 2019
International/Global . Income .
Article EM idiosyncratic, not contagious Ihab Salib
September 13 2018

Macro pressures are exacerbating problem pockets, not spreading them.