Media Appearances

The MarketWatch article, "Want an Insider's Way To Play IPOs? This Fund Has Had Outsize Success With Its Strategy," features an interview with John Ettinger, a portfolio manager for Federated Kaufmann Small Cap Fund. 

The Barron's article, "Why Dividends Are So Important, According to a Dividend Fund Manager," features an interview with Daniel Peris, senior portfolio manager and head of the Strategic Value Dividend Team. 

Smart Business Pittsburgh featured CEO Chris Donahue in its cover story, "Taking the Long View."

Stephen DeNichilo on CNBC

Stephen DeNichilo discusses the markets and his stock picks on CNBC's "Power Lunch."

Jordan Stuart on Yahoo Finance

Jordan Stuart discusses the markets on Yahoo Finance's "The Ticker."

RJ Gallo on Bloomberg TV

RJ Gallo discusses the bond rally on Bloomberg TV's "Muni Moment."

Linda Bakhshian on CNBC

Linda Bakhshian discusses the markets on CNBC's "Worldwide Exchange."

Debbie Cunningham on Bloomberg TV

Debbie Cunningham discusses the bond market, the Fed and credit spreads on Bloomberg TV's "Real Yield."